Creative Writing Competition Results

The publisher “Nastya and Nikita” announced the results of the tenth creative writing competition “Short children story”, which nomination “Notes of a naturalist” was presented together with the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve.

More then 500 writings entered the competition in the period of March 1 — April 1, 2016. 36 of them were devoted to the subject of Russian nature. Due to such a huge inflow of works, the results counting had to be put off for almost a month.

Ekaterina Medvedeva became the Grand Prix winner with her wonderful story “A key to the fur-tree chest” in a complicated genre of fairy-tale like story.

A remarkable winter fairy tale “Where’s the snowman?” By Nataly Solomko got the first place. The professional judges awarded the second place to an edifying story “The best present” by Nataly Kostina and the third place to three short stories from a cycle “Muzhichki” (“Petty men”) by Svetlana Tatuola. The Audience Award went to the Baikal fairy tale “Ouyuna and Ulemge” by Ksenia Lukina.

The special nomination “Notes of a naturalist” was designed for both fiction and non-fiction texts devoted to the inhabitans of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve, the nature of Central Russia and the staff of specially protected natural areas. The first place in the nomination was awarded to the work “Reserved places” by Svetlana Goreva, the second place went to the writing “Kozyavochki-bukashechki”(“Small bugs”) by Alexandra Morozova, while the third place was shared between the stories “A cheerful stream” by Olga Peshkova and “Vanka’s forest” by Irina Anishchenko.

The winners in the category “Notes of a naturalist” will receive prizes from the Prioksko-Terrasny State Nature Biosphere Reserve, as well as diplomas and books from the publisher “Nastya and Nikita”.

The Grand Prix winner will be published in a special illustrated edition of a “Nastya and Nikita” children book series, the author’s royalties included. The awarded writers will receive books by  “Nastya and Nikita” publisher and diplomas.

Get familiar with the awarded works on the publisher website.