Contrary to the weather forecast!

In the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, the volunteer season continues. Yesterday, on Sunday, two friendly teams arrived to us from the Secondary School No. 6 in Ozery and the «Kuzka» Children’s Club from Serpukhov.

The sky was frowning, but there was no heavy rain – it was only a shallow rain. The planned small-scale business at the Central Manor of our reserve were carried out: the garbage was removed, the paths were swept, and the smallest volunteers collected a bag of cones to decorate the house of the Goblin Leshii – after all, everyone knows that the leshies like to lace the floor with fresh pine and fir cones.

Having done all the work, the volunteers had a little rest after tea drinking, then they visited the Central Bison Nursery. So it happens: when the events go their own way and there is a lot to do – the day flies by unnoticed. That ended our work Sunday. We thank all participants, and especially those who, not being afraid of difficulties and inconveniences in movement, came to help the reserve – this is a team from the club «Kuzka». They are very grateful to all the employees of the reserve. We hope that our further cooperation will continue.
Up to new meetings in the volunteer season of 2018!