Congratulations on your professional holiday – the day of reserves and national parks!

And again we have a holiday! Today, January 11 – Day of specially protected natural areas.
For the first time this holiday was held in 1997 on the initiative of the Center for the Conservation of Wildlife and the World Wildlife Fund. Today, it is supported by many environmental organizations.
Protected areas are important tasks – the study of natural systems and the protection of areas of wildlife in its pristine original form. On this day, January 11, since 1917, the first state reserve Barguzinsky was established in Russia. It was created in order to preserve the population of the Barguzin sable and other animals on Lake Baikal.
In Russia, there are about 13 thousand protected areas of various levels and categories: these are nature reserves, national parks, natural parks, nature monuments, dendrological parks and botanical gardens, and state nature reserves. The number of these territories continues to increase – existing ones are expanding and new ones are being created. Unlike other countries, only in Russia there are reserves – especially protected areas with the most strict regime.
Congratulations to all who preserve nature for future generations on the holiday! New achievements and success to you, friends!