Congratulations on the Victory Day!

Congratulations to all on the 73 anniversary of the Great Victory!

Victory Day is the main holiday of our country. Feast of sorrow and happiness. For seventy-three years we live under a peaceful sky.
A low reverence to everyone who fought, worked and lived in those far years. And we must always remember that we are a winner country. Today we live in difficult times. But only we ourselves can make our beloved Motherland a May garden, a stronghold of peace and happiness on the planet. For the future without war, for clean rivers and air, for healthy children – this is the message from the past to the future!
Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve was formed immediately after the Great Patriotic War – June 19, 1945. And those who defended our country from fascism, immediately after the Great Victory, again chose the fate of the defenders, the keepers of what is dear to everyone – their native land and nature.
Congratulations, dear friends!