Christmas tree

New Year is coming, a holiday beloved by millions of people around the world!

Preparations for the celebrations have already begun: food is being bought for the holiday table, gifts for loved ones and fireworks. An important symbol of the New Year is the Christmas tree – it is decorated with bright garlands, lanterns, and dances. Under the tree, it is customary to receive gifts.

During the holiday troubles, people often do not think about where to get Christmas trees and often break the law by buying them from private individuals or in unauthorized markets. This not only harms the environment, but also violates the law.

In order not to spoil a holiday for yourself and your loved ones, we remind you of responsibility for such a seemingly minor offense as cutting or buying a New Year tree without permits.

The Code of Administrative Offenses, Part 1, Article 8.28, states that illegal logging of forest plantations is an administrative offense. The punishment for citizens for the commission of the said offense is 3,000 rubles. Payment of the fine does not exempt from compensation for damage to the forest fund. One tree with a trunk diameter of less than 15 centimeters is estimated at 2.6 thousand rubles. Total illegally felled spruce will cost 5-6 thousand rubles. The damage increases many times if the tree was cut in a specially protected natural area, for example, in a nature reserve.

In general, in order to grow a spruce tree with a height of one and a half meters, you need at least 10 years! In the first year, the spruce grows by 3-4 cm, then for 15 years it adds 10-20 cm per year.

Before the New Year holidays, intensive patrols are conducted, stationary and mobile posts are located on the roads, where documents for the transported trees are checked. And only late in the evening of December 31, the operation “New Year Tree” ends.

So it is much more convenient, and even cheaper, to buy a Christmas tree in the Christmas tree market, where there is a permitted sale. Many New Year trees are imported to Russia from abroad, the main suppliers are the countries of Scandinavia, Canada and Poland. They also grow spruce trees in Russia itself, in special plantations. Their market share is small, but trees have a lower price.

Dear friends, do not break the law. Buy Christmas trees in official places, and you will calmly, joyfully and cheerfully celebrate the New Year. Good luck in the new year!