Children in the Ecosphere

On November 16, 2017, specialists of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve took part in the autumn scientific and practical conference for schoolchildren “Children in the Ecosphere”

Not only adult scientists meet in the autumn for annual scientific forums. A good tradition in the Serpukhov district was the autumn children’s scientific and practical conference “Children in the Ecosphere” organized by the Center for Out-of-School Work of the Serpukhov District on the basis of the branch of the experimental forestry “Russian Forest”. Unaided scientific and practical work of schoolchildren is devoted to the theme of ecology and environmental protection.
Specialists of the environmental education department of the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve traditionally participate in the work of the jury. A strict jury, in which this year participate the deputy chief of the Shatovskoye forestry, Khazinov IB, the head of the municipal lands, ecology and control department of the Serpukhov municipal district administration, V.I. Mitroshina, associate professor of the Department of Natural Science Disciplines of the Academy of Social Management E.G. Andreevskaya, previously studied a lot of projects of schoolchildren and their compliance with the established evaluation criteria.
At the opening of the conference “Children in the Ecosphere” the organizers congratulated the participants and fans on the start of the forum and wished the young scientists success. Everyone was very pleased with the performance of the children’s group “Rodnichok” of the “Turovskaya School”.
At the conference, young participants presented their environmental projects on topical issues, exciting for adults and children alike. The themes of the works were varied and interesting. Among them – studies of environmental pollution factors, plants – bioindicators, environmental monitoring of the natural environment. How to determine the quality and harmless for nature detergents? Is it useful to be a vegetarian? Answers to these questions can not always be given even by adults.
Young environmentalists during the past year conducted research on selected topics: planned and conducted observations of natural processes. Under the guidance of the mentors, they made visual experiments and analyzes, learned to independently evaluate the results of research and even their statistical processing and financial evaluation of the consequences of pollution of nature.
The great interest of the jury was caused by a very interesting project by Ilya Valkov, a schoolboy of the «Bolshegryzlov school», “Dynamics of the expansion of the Heracléum sosnówskyi poisonous plant in the vicinity of the village of Bolshoe Gryzlovo”.
A whole team of young authors – schoolchild of the Kurilovskaya Gymnasium – Danila Fedorov, Darya Vasilyeva, Valeria Bazaeva, presented the project “Assessment of the ecological state of the Nara River”.
Schoolchild of the Turovskaya school Vlasova Polina and Gudoshnikova Nadezhda demonstrated an impressive project “Formation of the ecological consciousness of the individual on the example of the action” Save the forest from the fire. ”
These three projects became winners of the conference “Children in the Ecosphere”.
The jury and all the participants noted that the level of children’s research submitted to this conference is growing year by year. The subjects of ecology and conservation of nature cause sincere interest among schoolchildren and their teachers.
The winners received certificates and memorable gifts from the Center for Out-of-School Work of the Serpukhov Municipal District and from the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. The organizers and jury members expressed the hope that after graduating from school, young scientists will remain interested in the cause of environmental protection and will become excellent modern specialists.