Bison and football

A baby of a bison born in the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve was named after football player Artem Dzyuba.

Football is the favorite game of millions of people around the world, for a month now it has firmly established itself in Russia.
Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve, located in the Moscow region near the city of Serpukhov, did not stay away from the World Cup. And, of course, football battles could not but be reflected in the life of our reserve. The cubs of bison, born this year, received the historical nicknames.

First, the honorary name Mundial received the first male calf this year. And when the Russian team miraculously defeated the Spanish national team, the name of attacking ArtemDzyuba, who scored the first goal, simply had to appear among the nicknames of our mighty bisons.
The choice immediately fell on the largest cub of the bison. According to the deputy director of the reserve for bison breeding, Irina Zemlyanko, the birth of his mother Muzinda was very difficult because of the large calf size. Even after the birth of a few days for the female bison had to strengthen the supervision of veterinarians and staff of the nursery. Now the mother and the baby are feeling well.

“We never had such a big bull! Very large and powerful calf. And who is the most healthy and hardy player in the national team? Dziuba! In honor of him we called the newborn, “Irina Zemlyanko commented.
According to a long-standing rule, all the names of the cubs born in the Central Bison nursery begin with the syllable “Mu”. Therefore, the new-born calf will now be listed in the international breeding book of bison under the nickname Mudzyuba.
Bison is one of those rare species that managed to be revived in captivity and returned to the wild. To date, the world’s population numbers about 7 thousand heads, two-thirds of which live in the wild.The central bison nursery of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve has been breeding this rare animal for almost 70 years. Our pets live in the Smolensk, Kaluga, Bryansk regions, at will and in other nurseries engaged in breeding work.
Our Mudzuba, like most of the bisons born in the Central Bison Nursery, will replenish the population of these animals in the wild in a few years. But the championship is not over yet, and perhaps in our nursery, soon, for example, a bison named Mukinfei will appear.