Bird Day


Every year the planet celebrates April 1 as International Migratory Bird Day. It appeared in the USA in 1894. Soon this event gained popularity due to media coverage, began to be widely celebrated all across the US, then travelled to Europe, and now it is held in the framework of the biological program of the UNESCO “Man and Biosphere” in many countries worldwide.

The date of celebration was chosen on purpose: this is the time when birds come back from warmer lands. This day children and adults help to maintain the places of birds’ habitat.

Starting its history in 19th century Russia, Bird Day reappeared as an event in 1999 thanks to the Russian Birds Conservation Union. In its first year, only in Moscow 500 people took part in the action, building and hanging about 500 bird houses around the city. In 2000 the Government of Moscow joined the celebration of this event, establishing Bird Day as a city event. And today it is still the most well-known “bird” holiday in our country.

The Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve actively supports the initiative by holding annual competitions «Feed Birds!» and «Birds Flat».