Biology Students Intellectual Contest Is Over


IV All-Russian Open Students Biology Contest in Puschino technology city: the winners are chosen.

The participants of the event told us that the organizers managed to conserve the traditionally high scientific level of the Contest. The questionnaire survey showed high difficulty of the proposed tasks, high level of knowledge among students’ teams and high competence of the judges. Fifty two specialists, such as scientists form Puschino Science Center, employees of science-based companies and nature reserves, judged the solutions of the proposed tasks and helped the students to understand modern problems of biology.

The participants also underlined the friendly and positive atmosphere of the Biological Contest. One of the cherries on the cake became the party with a bonfire, organized according to all the rules of fire safety outside Russian Academy of Science Fundamental Biology Problems Institute.


The Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik supports the Contest for the second time. We provide the event with informational support and valuable prizes.

Out of thirteen teams from the on-site stage only eight entered the semi-finals and four entered the final stage. As a result the winners of the contest is the team from Novosibirsk State University called Mentally Effective, the second place is occupied by Moscow Technological University BioTech and the third place went to Nizhny Novgorod State University team called Thyroid Secret. At the end of the winners list is a team of Saint-Petersburg State University and Russian State Pedagogical University called Good Afternoon, Timur. The winners were awarded with books published by Alpina Non-Fiction Group and several issues of Scientific American Journal and with the prizes provided by the general sponsor of the event – R-Farma Company.


In finals and semi-finals the participants were asked to solve even more difficult tasks, some of them were also provided by the sponsors. Together with prizes for teams, sponsors, such as Biocad and R-Farma companies, also granted individual prizes for the participants with the best solutions. Mikhail Birukov from Novosibirsk State University presented the best solution of the final task form EFCO Group of Companies and received an invitation for the paid traineeship in Biruch-NT Innovation Center after the contest and an iPad.

The fifth and anniversary Biological Contest is planned to become an international event. The next year will sneak in and Puschino technological city will gather students willing to win and to achieve new heights in biology, in the sphere of unknown and undiscovered!