Biological school class continues to work

In late spring, the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve gladly received his old friends to visit.
On May 19, in our reserve there were traditional visiting classes of students of the biological class of the 179th school in Moscow.
The biological class of the 179th school begins its history since 1973, when biologist Galina Sokolova and mathematician Nikolai Konstantinov created it on the basis of the 57th school. The class more than once moved from one school to another, but never changed its original purpose – to give the relevant children relevant scientific knowledge.

Biological class is the first step in the training of professional biologists. Among his first graduates was the director of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve Yevgeny Grigoriev.

Here, students get a lot of useful knowledge of botany, zoology and chemistry. Begin to understand scientific methods and research. The training program is designed for 3 years – from 9 to 11 classes and includes an in-depth study of biology, field practices and the implementation of independent scientific work. Enrolling in such a class is not easy! Schoolchildren undergo a strict introductory interview with a mandatory field visit for further selection. Here, the students of the newly created class meet each other, with teachers and senior students.

May is a great time for such events – everything is blooming, the birds singing does not stop in the forest. The guys studied plants, birds and animal tracks. Even photographed black stork!
We wish good luck to the future scientists and are waiting for them to visit again!