Best Naturalists

In the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve results for contests “Wood Spirit Terras Terrasovich is the Forest Defender” and “Feed the Birds in Winter” have been summed up. About 2000 people took part in the contests.

People aged 2-75 appreciated the contests. In their works, they touched environmental issues that are of great concern. Works of participants reflect the beauty and the value of nature, folk traditions and legends.

The contest geography covered almost the whole territory of Russia, from St. Petersburg to Yakutia, from Murmansk to Krasnodar.

Starting as an interregional competition the contest “Wood Spirit Terras Terrasovich is the Forest Defender” soon became international. Children from Donetsk and Lugansk took an active part. There were participants even from Kazakhstan, Israel and Serbia.

— One of the main objectives of the competition was to create an image of the fabulous character, Terras Terrasovich, the wood spirit, – said Tatiana Demina, a specialist of the department of environmental education and educational tourism. – We are planning to make the fictitious character a local symbol of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. Contestants helped us create the wood spirit’s image as a nature conservator, a kind and caring friend of all inhabitants.

Many people feed birds in winter, but not everyone is able to notice what kinds of the feathered flight to the “dining room” and observe their behavior. The contest “Feed the Birds in Winter” helped reveal the most caring and thoughtful nature lovers.

All contestants received diplomas and winners in each category got certificates. The Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve team expresses its appreciation to the educational institutions and families, in which children are brought up in the spirit of humanism and patriotism.