Bear and SMM. Is there a connection?

Employees of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve took part in the workshop “PR in Protected Areas: Effective Promotion of Protected Areas through Social Platforms”. The seminar was held from September 23 to September 29, in the national park “Bashkiria”.
On the shore of the Nugush reservoir, 40 employees from 29 specially protected areas came together. Scattered throughout Russia, often separated by thousands of kilometers, these people solve the same problems.

The workshop program turned out to be very intensive, there was no time to miss! The teachers, as recruitment, are professionals in their field:

  • Natalia Korneychuk – PR-director of the international rally “Silk Road”.
  • Mikhail Butorin is the founder of digital agency Les, head of the project for the development of ecotourism Fresh Wind.
  • Timur Fehraydinov is a marketing specialist at Texterra Internet Agency.
  • Alexander Khaburgaev – TV and radio host.
  • Oleg Shumakov is a producer and consultant on the Living Planet TV channel.
  • Vyacheslav Titov – cameraman, photographer, traveler.
  • Vladislav Bagno – lawyer, photographer.
  • Sergey Belykh is a photographer. 

    Five days of training in theory and practice flew instantly. Experts shared their experience and knowledge in various areas: preparing smm-strategy, writing texts in social networks, the basics of photography, copyright on photographic materials, interaction with the media

    The waters of a huge man-made reservoir were quietly splashing nearby. Thrushes pecked rowan berries, acorns crunched under their feet on the paths, foliage fell from the trees. How can you study all day long when there is such a beautiful Bashkir autumn outside the window?! It’s great that the organizers competently combined their studies and excursions and trips.

    The trip along the Yumaguzinsky reservoir was unforgettable. At the end of September, the winter discharge of water has not yet been carried out; a little later, a huge water space with depths of 52 meters will significantly decrease.

    A small fleet of pleasure boats set off on a long and exciting journey. Many trees have already dropped foliage, and on a clearly visible slope, we noticed a dark dot. It was a young bear. Realizing that his walk along the shore had acquired unnecessary witnesses, he quickly ran up the steep slope. Two boats that were nearby, approached the coast in the hope of catching the beast in the camera lens, but it was not there! Not more than a minute it took him to climb. Screams: “Here it is! Here he is! Who has a good lens! Take off! ”, – only added speed to the taiga resident. Few people had enough time, luck, and optical zoom to make good shots. For us it was a pleasant meeting, especially from the fact that we were on a boat, and the bear was on the shore.

    Bashkortostan is a beautiful original land. There is everything here – mountains, forests and steppes, turbulent rivers and waterfalls. Here live hospitable, kind people.
    Many thanks to the organizers, staff of the Bashkiria National Park, teachers. We will definitely come back here.