Badger Chronicles

The sun has warmed, it has warmed in Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve — badgers woke up. Slightly thinner, but in excellent spirits, the animals climbed out of their holes and began to appear on the surface, hoping for something to eat.
During the winter, they lose up to a quarter of their weight, so their spring appetite is excellent.
They do not sleep very well — in the thaw the badger sometimes wakes up even in winter and goes for a walk to the surface.

For half a year our camera trap stood on the badger «town». In late October and early November, thick, fluffy animals were preparing to go into hibernation. To rest in peace, they need a lot of fat, and therefore the whole family was feeding heavily throughout the autumn: earthworms, frogs and everyone who didn’t have time to hide — they were immediately eaten. Two little badgers got better and began to look a lot like their parents. But the coming cold. The owners of the burrow on the photo shoots began to go out less and less.

The badgers fell asleep, while the video camera continued to work. Who just did not fall for it during this time! Mice, crested tits, spotted deer and lynx several times.

At the end of November, the badger stuck his nose out of the hole and, finding huge snowdrifts, went back to sleep. The next time the badgers appeared only in the twenties of February, having made a nightly many-kilometer walk through the forest.

But March came, the whole family woke up and night did not pass, so that they would not please us with new personnel. Badgers often pose for a long time in front of the camera, snoring loudly into the microphone. And it’s good that they don’t try expensive equipment for a tooth, we feel sorry for it!