Approved the draft edition of the «Chronicles of Nature Reserve» for 2018

On June 26, a meeting of the reserve’s Scientific Council was held.
This important event was attended by researchers of the reserve and their colleagues from scientific and educational institutions – Moscow Lomonosov State University, Institute of Physical, Chemical and Biological Problems of Soil Science, Institute of Fundamental Problems of Biology, Institute of Protein of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other scientific and environmental organizations.

The main issue discussed by the Scientific Council was the prepared draft of the scientific report “Study of the natural course of natural processes and phenomena under the program “Chronicle of the nature of the reserve”, volume 71”.
Their parts of this document were presented by the project research supervisor Deputy Director of the Reserve for Science, Ph.D. Yury Buivolov and research staff of the reserve, as well as co-contractors from other scientific organizations.

The main features of natural processes and phenomena in the reserve in 2018, data on the number of mammals, birds and a number of invertebrates, the yields of berries and meadows, as well as the results of studying the anthropogenic impact on the ecosystems of the reserve are noted in this volume of the Chronicle of Nature of the Reserve.
Scientists noted that 2018 was a record year for the number of visitors to tourist facilities located on the Central Manor of the reserve – almost 70,000 people.
It is noteworthy that this book includes not only data collected by the staff of the reserve. Since 2018, an electronic system for collecting data on the finds in the reserve, in its protection zone and cooperation zone has been introduced in the reserve. Information from citizens, received at the email address is used in research. We thank Sofia Demyanets and Alexander Naumov for the data provided in 2018.

Following the results of many hours of discussions, the Scientific Council approved a scientific report. The discussion of the 71st volume of the “Chronicle of the nature of the reserve” touched upon the important issue of further continuation of scientific research on this program. The members of the Scientific Council came to the unanimous conclusion that the topic “Study of the natural course of natural processes and phenomena under the program “Chronicle of the nature of the reserve” is undoubtedly a fundamental research. It should be continued in the new prospective research plan for 2020-2024. The 71st volume of the “Chronicle of the nature of the reserve”, modified during the month, will be published on our website.
The Academic Council also considered the need to study introduced species in the reserve and publish on the Internet the next 7th volume of the Works of Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. The book came out this year from print and will soon appear on the site of the reserve, there will also be accepted applications for distribution of the printed version of scientific papers.