Adopter Day

On November 11 the traditional “Adopter Day” was held, during which the “adopting parents” met their fosterlings and got a complete report on the expenses received for their keeping.

For 12 years of the “Adopt a Bison” program, which aims at attracting sponsor funding for improving the living conditions of the animals in the enclosure, 120 European bisons have found their “foster parents”. Quite recently the number was 116, but thanks to the rising interest to this kind of charity, the number of “adopted” animals permanently grows. The sum for the annual support of a bison is 50 thousand rubles a year, which covers not only feed, but also a veterinary service, the support of the enclosure infrastructure, including maintenance, household equipment and bench work tools for the staff taking care of the bisons. Sponsor funds help to solve little problems, like buying small portions of fresh feed, providing volunteers with necessary materials or conducting territory maintenance quickly and independently.

“Adopter Days” are held annually since the start of the program. During the Day “foster parents” of the bisons are invited to a “parents’ meeting”, at which the sponsors can learn about the living conditions of the animals, while the administration of the reserve provides them with a complete report on the expenses of the funds received from the “adopters” for keeping the bisons.

Usually “parents’ meetings” take part in the summer period, in which, however, the possibility to see the “fosterling” is quite low, as the animals go in the depth of the pasture. This year the chosen date was better: “parents” visited the Breeding Centre and treated the bisons with carrots and pumpkins they had brought. Unfortunately, the weather conditions in a form of ice rain did not let some participants to come, though most sponsors managed to attend the meeting.

Having visited the enclosure, the adopters solemnly received “Certificate of adoption”, and during a friendly discussion over a cup of hot tea shared their impressions of visiting the Bison Breeding Centre, noticing that the Centre has significantly changed for the better.

It is always pleasant to realise you have made a right choice, being a part of a good deed and able to help the wonderful world of wildlife! The financial aid of our partners makes the challenging and long-lasting work on the recovery of the population of the largest Bos Taurus in Europe easier. The Prioksko-Terrasny reserve would like to thank each adopter and express a hope for further long and fruitful cooperation!