Adopt a Bison Program

Since July 1, 2019, a number of changes have been made to the “Adopt a Bison” program.
Every morning in the Central Bison nursery begins with the distribution of feed. Even when summer greens are everywhere, and bison freely graze in their vast pens, they know very well the distribution time of the feed and try not to miss it. Even now, each of them is given a portion of tasty and healthy feed, which they love very much. In summer, the nursery stores food for the winter. Employees mow hay, and closer to the fall root vegetables are brought.

In winter, work at the nursery staff is added – the animals are almost completely transferred to top dressing. At the same time, it is easier to monitor the condition of bison – they are almost all the time in sight around the feeders. In addition to workers, animals are constantly monitored by a veterinarian. If suddenly someone from the wards begins to lose weight and feel bad, measures are taken immediately. The patient is moved to a separate pen and provide qualified assistance.
The nursery works without breaks on weekends and holidays for more than 70 years! In its territory in conditions close to natural, about 50 bison live. Youngsters that have reached one and a half to two years are taken to other reserves to replenish the free population.

All the inhabitants of the nursery require careful care and Prioksko-Terrasny reserve spends on this large means. It is estimated that the maintenance of one bison requires about 340,000 rubles annually! This is a large amount, and the nursery receives it from the state. But for the further development of these funds is not enough. Therefore, since 2004, the Adopt a Bison program has been operating in the reserve.
Since July 1, 2019, a number of changes have been made to the program, which will give an opportunity to participate in it to a larger number of people wishing to become “Adopters” of the “King of Bulls”.

Like any animal support program, the Adopt a Bison program is aimed at giving everyone the opportunity to embody their love for nature in concrete actions and realize their desire to preserve the diversity of the animal world.
The goal of the program is to attract sponsorship funds to improve the conditions of housing, nutrition and veterinary services for bison in the nursery, as well as to popularize the humane attitude towards animals.

In the role of «adopter» can be either a private person or an enterprise or a company.
The adoption algorithm is simple:
• choose an adoption program and contact us
• choose any bison not yet adopted
• conclude a charitable assistance agreement with the Reserve. It can be not only cash. You can provide any assistance to the reserve, all options are considered. The reserve is ready to accept building materials, metal products, paint, real assistance in carrying out repair and construction work, advertising services, etc.

Regular assistance of partners: individuals, companies and organizations, allows the nursery to continue working on the breeding and breeding of bison to replenish existing and form new free-living populations of the Tsar of bulls in the European part of Russia.

Adopt a Bison Program

Our bison are waiting for new parents!