Accounting for gallinaceous birds in Prioksko-Terrasny reserve. Traditions and new technologies

Over the weekend, gallinaceous birds were counted in the reserve. This is a mandatory part of the annual biota monitoring program of the reserve.
In recent years, accounting was carried out on 6 routes, but this year it was decided to expand the number of routes to 11, thanks to the involvement of students from the environmental faculty of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

In addition, this year we have experienced in practice the system of paperless field data collection, when the data on bird encounters are entered on a smartphone using a special program, and when connected to the Internet, the data is automatically transferred to the cloud GIS map of the reserve. Such a system is being developed by the reserve in collaboration with a long-time partner, the Russian company NEXTGIS.

Until the system is debugged, accountants have to map all data on paper.

During Saturday, all the areas of the reserve were covered, the total length of the routes exceeded 100 km. The main goal was to account for gallinaceous birds, but meetings with other rare species of birds were also recorded.

Summarized data confirmed that the capercaillie and the hazel grouse are preserved in the reserve, their numbers have not changed in recent years. Unfortunately, already the 2nd autumn accounting does not register a gray partridge and black grouse.

Gray and three-toed woodpeckers have become common. The end of October is on the calendar, and the cornflowers are still blooming in the reserve, there are finches, charges, blackbirds and wrens, flocks of bullfinches and tits are common, you can see the nutcracker. Now the passage of geese. In the course of migration ducks-mallards and widgeon stop at the reservoirs of the reserve. Beavers are actively preparing for winter.

After taking into account, on Sunday, students made an excursion to the Central Bison Nursery and Nature Museum. We interviewed students about their impression of counts. That’s what they said.

Daria Skorobogatova, 3rd year student: “We are grateful to the reserve for the unique opportunity to practice on its territory. We are very happy to prove ourselves as volunteers, we are happy to assist in bird counting. We also like the excellent cordon with all the comforts. ”

Yevgenia Kozlova, 2nd year student: “For me, each trip to the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve is an acquisition of valuable experience, which in the future will be very useful for me in the profession. And natural beauty makes each route not only interesting, but also enjoyable. I would like to thank the management of the reserve for the opportunity to participate in the accounting of gallinaceous birds.”

Anfisa Perevezentseva, 3rd year student:“ In what place can you get knowledge and experience, combining this with a wonderful atmosphere, the beauty of nature and interesting adventures? Of course, in the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve! Check out the birds was very rich and useful. Thanks to the staff of the reserve for their work and sincere welcome, the trip left an unforgettable impression. ”

Daniil Traktirov, 2nd year student: “During the survey, we learn about the behavior of birds, their appearance, and learn about the methods of conducting the survey. We also have a great opportunity to touch the reserved nature, which we see less often. ”

The processed accounting data for gallinaceous birds will be included in the annual “Chronicle of Nature”.