Summed up EuroBirdwatch 2018.

Russia ranked 4th in Europe this year in terms of the number of events (after Hungary, the Netherlands and Poland). By the number of birds encountered, Russia took the 4th place from the countries of the former Soviet republics (after Lithuania, Latvia and Uzbekistan), overtaking Belarus, Ukraine and Estonia.

This year, the largest international organization for the protection of birds, Bird Life International, conducts European accounting of migratory birds for the 25th time. This is a large-scale action that has a wide public response in the protection of migratory birds and their habitats.

In Russia, this action was coordinated by the Partnership “Birds and People”.

The Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve took an active part in this action; both reserve staff and students from the surrounding schools were mobilized for observation.

This time wetlands were actively surveyed. According to observational data in the reserve and in Russia, ducks-mallards became the largest migratory bird.

In the autumn hunting season this year, more than 100 different species of ducks gathered in our reserve. Most of them were mallards, also tufted duck., wigeon and pochard were also met. Interestingly, the pochard never met on the territory of the reserve.

So participation in the international action helped expand the list of bird species of our reserve!

Detailed accounting results are published on the EuroBirdwtach website.