Happy 100-year Anniversary!

In 2017, we celebrate 100-year anniversary of establishing the first Russian state reserve – the Barguzin Reserve by Lake Baikal. Since that day, the network of Russian Specially Protected Natural Areas (SPNA) has started to form.

Today the Russian system of reserved areas is one of the most significant achievements of the country in the field of nature conservation. These special natural territories cover almost all types of unique and most remarkable landscapes and ecosystems not intruded by human activity. Thanks to the SPNA, such species as the European bison, the sable, the beaver, the snow leopard, the Amur leopard and hundreds of other wild species and their habitats have been saved from the threat of extinction.

Biological diversity requires our protection now more than ever before. This task does not only concern scientists and experts, but also all citizens of our country. The work on nature conservation should be common for all of us.