18 volunteers

On the penultimate Saturday of the summer, volunteers gathered in the Prioksko-Terrasniy Reserve again.
The day was unusual in that the work was carried out far from the Central Manor and the Central Bison Nursery – on the main reserve territory. There are many places where strong, reliable hands of volunteers are needed, but it is extremely difficult to get there. The bus brought volunteers from the railway station of the city of Serpukhov to the village of Respublika, and many made their own way, by car. Next, 18 volunteer assistants walked about two kilometers to the site of work.
Volunteers helped to pave a rubble on a forestry road in blocks 41 and 41a. The condition of these roads is vital for monitoring the territory of the reserve and, in addition, allows unimpeded passage of fire equipment in case of forest fire. The crushed stone was shipped in sacks and carried along the road. Hard work was done in a few hours, with jokes and interesting conversations.

Then there was a traditional tea-drinking – our friends with pleasure drank tea and coffee, cooked on a gas stove – after all, as everyone knows, to build bonfires in the reserve is strictly prohibited.

Despite the hot summer days, little by little the approach of autumn is felt. The white mushroom, which grew right in the middle of the road, was just an object of a photo shoot, and not a trophy at the bottom of the basket. The day was over, and the volunteers dispersed around Moscow, Moscow was waiting for many, and even Tula for some!

It was nice to meet with our regular assistants who came for almost every volunteer day for several years in a row, and with those who came for the first time.
Until we meet again in the autumn, we are still far from the cold, and we will gather more than once.
Thank you all very much!