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    Bialowiezians Visit Us

    The Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve discussed the possibility of importing the animals from Poland to form a group of bisons of Bialowieza subspecies in the Bison Breeding Centre.

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    Ungulates Start and Win

    For the 70 year old period of the Prioksko- Terrasny Reserve’s existence, researchers have observed an increase in the species composition of ungulates, some species’ hybridization as well as the change of the dominant species in different periods of time: moose – until the 1970s, dappled deer and wild boar – 70-80 years, roe and wild boar – […]

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    Results of “The world of wilderness” contest

    The results of the inter-regional art competition “The world of wilderness” were released. The competition was organized by the Centre of Wildlife Conservation in the framework of the annual international campaign “March of parks”. 

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    Meeting Autumn

    So here came autumn and brought rainy weather and gloomy mood along. However, it does not seem to apply to our volunteers who took part in the first autumn volunteer day on September 10.

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    Volunteers Help Science

    Lead by Senior Research Scientist M.M.Zabolotskaya, Ph.D., a group of volunteers of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve carried out the work on restoration of the marking in the main forest biocoenosis.

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    International Congress in Nara

    From August 22 to 26, the Japanese city of Nara held the XVII International Congress on soil zoology. The congress motto “Soil Biodiversity for Our Future Earth” could not reflect the relevance of the topic even better: our future literally depends on the well-being of the natural environment in general, and on the soil in […]

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    Summer, hi again!

    The climate conditions have turned summer back: the secondary flowering of wildflowers began in the middle of the reserve on the Rodnikovaya Meadow.

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    Valuable Weekend

    At the last summer weekend on August 27 the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve hold a traditional open volunteer day.

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    Planned Samples

    On August 23  samples were collected for routine investigations in the Bison Breeding Centre before sending the animals in 2016.

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    Reserves Might Become Enviromental Observatories

    The need to create environmental observatories on the base of SPNR was discussed at the Russian National Science and Research Meeting. The meeting called “Stationery Ecological Research: experience, goals, methodology, organisation problems” took place in the Central Forest Nature Reserve from 15 to 19 of August.

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